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About Us

Custom Handcrafted Designs

Mike began making leather covers as a hobby. He discovered leather work was something he had a real knack for. Friends who were members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) asked if he could make a cover to fit an AA “Big Book.” Mike figured he may as well try. The result was impressive. As soon as his AA friends saw one, they wanted more. One led to two, and that led to dozens — and a new business was born: Mike’s Leather Book Covers. Mike works from his shop in Eastern Idaho, near Yellowstone National Park. Sometimes, he may need to drive some of his wife's cows, sheep or goats (and of course chickens and ducks) out of his driveway so he can get to town for supplies.

Quality Custom Bible Covers

Mike then looked at his old, worn Bible and figured he should make a cover for it, and–you guessed it–Church friends wanted a cover for their Bibles.There is nothing better than a special book. It’s like an old friend. And you wouldn’t let a good friend go around without a decent coat, would you? That’s the way Mike feels about books.Mike’s wife and son joined him to help fill orders. Teamwork. That is good for a family. Every book cover you get from Mike’s Leather Book Covers is handcrafted. Nothing is farmed out. And every part of the cover is made in the good ol’ USA.

Special Books

Then one day, a guy called from Boston. He had a rare book that needed a cover. Could Mike do it? You give Mike the measurements, and he can cover anything you have with leather. The important part is getting the dimensions down right. That is why it is best to send Mike the book you want covered. If you don’t want to do that, then he will walk you through how to get the dimensions he needs.TAKE SPECIAL CARE of your most valuable books. You are unique, and so is your book. Get handcrafted, old-school leather work from the craftsman who is out to make a difference, not a killing: Mike Carlson, your leather book cover expert. Get the numbers right, and Mike will get the leather book cover right. You can count on that.