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Every custom leather book cover is unique and different. There are many things that go into pricing for your individual cover:

Things like how much leather is being used based on the size and style of your book. What type of design are you looking for? This is really up to you. There are so many different styles. From some basic stamps that I have had made that seem  to be popular. To you sending me a design of your choice and I can tool it into the leather. Would you like your name, sobriety date, special prayer or saying stamped into the leather? Do you want the edges leather laced or hand-sewn? Would you like a leather strap to close the cover? What about a chip holder where you can insert a chip of your choice, changing it out when you choose? Or how about a chip permanently embedded in the leather? Do you want a bookmark permanently attached? (Various styles) Or what about being stained or dyed to be another color? I go to extreme care to make sure your cover is made for you as you like it because hopefully you will be spending many years enjoying it whether it's a recovery book, Bible or any other book you hold dear.  Also, book covers are not all that I do, there are some other ideas shown as well, like wallets, handles, straps, knife holders and key chains. The options and possibilities go as far and wide as your imagination.

Below are some examples of some of the above mentioned features: