Frequently asked questions:

Q. How long does it take for me to get my cover?
A. Each cover is individually made and there are a number of steps in the process of creating one. 
Usually my custom covers are shipped within 2 weeks but some of the more complicated designs may 
take a bit longer. 
Q. How close is the color from what is shown?
A. Keep in mind that each piece of leather will take dyes, stains and oils differently...just as 
when you and two friends sunbathe you will all tan slightly different, even though you are under 
the same sun and may even use the same lotion.
Q. Why is AA symbol #6 not available on the smaller covers?
A. AA symbol #6 is too large to fit on the smaller covers. The design without the “Recovery, Unity 
& Service” can be done though on any size cover.
Q. How do I order a design similar to one I see in your gallery or create a truly custom design?
A. I love doing unique individualized designs! Use the contact form and send me your ideas. I will 
get back to you, and together we will create a work of leather art just the way you want it!
Q. What about the engraving option?
A. I can add a short name (7 letters or less depending on size) and/or a sobriety date at no charge. 
Write out exactly what you would like in the area provided. Put names and dates in parenthesis please. 
Spelling is important...Allan/Alan/Allen or Michelle/Michele misspellings are common mistakes. If you 
would like sayings or anything more on your cover please contact me so we can discuss pricing.
Q. What if I made a mistake and spelled a name I want on a cover wrong, or want to change the color 
or symbol ordered?
A. Until the design is actually tooled into the leather changes can be easily made. Contact me and I 
will get right back to you.
Q. How do I change the chip in the chip holder?
A. Chips are best inserted and removed with a pair of needlenose pliers. (be careful not to mar the chip)
Q. I am having difficulty with my paperback book fitting in the cover...help!
A. Book covers have been fitted already on a book prior to shipment so your book should slide right in. 
Paperback books take a little TLC to get the thin covers inside the sleeves. (call me if you would like 
info on how to reinforce the paperback books) Excess force should not be used, but a gentle stretching 
of the sleeves can be done with your fingers slipped inside of them. Gentle is the keyword here. 
Q. How do I care for my leather cover?
A. Each item is finished and is ready to use when you receive it. I use only quality American tanned 
leather and each cover is made to give you many, many years of enjoyment. The leather can after a period 
of time use a little conditioning. This all depends on the weather, use and other factors and has nothing 
to do with the item itself. I recommend Lexol leather conditioner, but any leather conditioner will probably 
work fine. Remember at all times to test whatever you are using to see if it is going to alter the color of 
your item.