Mike – I love your work. I have one of your covers with a star burst on it that I received for an anniversary. I get compliments all the time on it.

Now I’ve ordered one for someone else, and hope you can do the design similar to this.

The order is for a balck cover, even though in the picture I put it in brown (I want black). I hope you can do this. I know the proportions are incorrect, but hopefully you can fix that. What is really important is that the ‘celtic knot’ looks like the AA triangle.

Let me know what you think, and how long this will take. And of course I want it ASAP!! : )


Heather H.

St Petersburg, FL




Hi Mike,

I received the package yesterday and it looks amazing!

Thank you so much again!

Best Regards,

Maria S.

Waltham, MA





I recieved the bible cover, Mike!

EXCELLENT WORK!! I will treasure this for many years to come, God willing, and it is more than I hoped for! I can’t say enough about your exacting craftsmanship! God has give you a real gift, dude!


I have some other projects, and I was wondering if you might be interested in designing them for me. I will, of course, pay your price up front and in cash. But anyway, it is here and I am thrilled. Thanks again!


Byron H.




I did a little “sleuthing” and found that a neighbor child had been “appropriating” mail… My wife has her book cover, she loves it and all is well.
Again, Thank you so much for your work.
Kim F.

Norman, OK




I just love my book covers and wallet.

Mark S.

Seattle, WA




very nice Mike! I love the cover with the bright butterfly on it! Your work has really changed and it is very classy! Professional and artistic. Keep up the nice creations you have displayed.

Joni D.

Ogden, UT




Hi Mike – I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks and when I returned, the book cover was waiting for me. FANTASTIC job – it looks GREAT! Thank you so very much.

The LORD bless and keep you… garypaul <’(((>{

Gary Paul B.

Salem, OR


Greetings Mike,

A few years back you made a Big Book cover for me (which I still get compliments on and never fail to let them know that you did the work!). Now I’m switching over to the large print editions and have both a Big Book and 12&12 that I’d like for you to make a cover for me. I’m attaching a photo of the cover I have and would like to know how much it will cost to have a new double cover for the large print editions.


Dan W.

Rio Rancho, NM


The cover looks great and I give it to her later tonite…
Today is actually her birthday…. Thanx for everything…
Best Always,
Sean C.

Lighthouse Point, FL

Next day…


She absolutely loved it… awesome feeling to have her love it like she does… Thanx





Hi Mike – I received the cover, and I agree, it looks great. Thank you so much, it meets all of my expectations an I am so glad I found you online. I”ve already had many comments and much admiration over your handywork at my meetings. I appreciate you getting it to me in time for my anniversary date. If you get more orders from my neck of the woods, you’ll have an idea wherer they saw your work! Thanks again, Mike.

:) S.

Scott E.

Quincy, IL


Thanks! I have it,looks great!
Sent from my iPad

Curtis J.

Mooreville, IN


Hi Mike,
I received the cover yesterday. Very Nice!
Thank you,
Gina G.




Dear Mike,

The leather covers arrived today!! I am so happy and they are exactly as I thought they would be, just wonderful.

My husband loves his cover and I absolutely love mine! They are both very beautiful and we appreciate them very much.

All the best for you in the future, who knows, I might order some more later on :-)

Warmest regards,

Paulina S-N.





Thanks Mike,
The Big Book, 12×12 cover arrived today. Very nice. Linda will be pleased.
Thank you.
Yours with regards, mike

J Mike M.

Davis, CA




Thanks, Mike got it, like it a lot

Danny V.

Huntington, NY




Hey Mike, I got the cover, beautiful. Many thanks. The fish is awesome!!
Jeff M.




Hello Mike,

Thanks you very much! The cover looks amazing, and fits perfect. It was better than I hoped for… I will be ordering another one for my 12n12 book.

Thanks again

Brett W.

Overland Park, KS





Got them today and they look great as usual!!!!!!!!!!!

Don E.

Laguna Niguel, CA




Hi Mike,
I wanted to drop you a line to let you know I received my AA dual book cover yesterday. I love it. The color and tooling are perfect and the quality of the leather itself (nice and thick) is great. I know you were concerned about our snafu regarding the font size and style, but I really like the result.
You did a great job, Mike. Thanks!
Very Truly Yours,
Michael K.

Davis, CA




Hi Mike – perfect.
Thank You

Roger R.

Makanda, IL


Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the beautiful double book cover you created for us. My boyfriend absolutely loved it !! Your work is fab!!

Thanks again,

Victoria L.

Ocean City, NJ


Hey Mike,
They are awesome!!! I’ve been really busy this week, ment to shoot you an email already. I appreciate the great work!!!

Courtney G.

Naples, FL


Hi Mike,
Got the cover yesterday! It fits perfectly and the shade of brown is super. Thanks for the key fob- I’m putting in the medallion I carry around all the time anyway and it fits great. Talk to you soon.
- Tom S.

And again

Hi Mike,
Got the bookcover Friday! Thanks for a great, great job. The leather quality is superb and the brown color is perfect. The darker lacing really makes it top notch. Thanks for the professional product and great effort!
- Tom S


Thanks, Mike…..You’re the best!
Paul J. D.

Longmont, CO

Can’t remember if I told you I got the Big Book cover last week. Great job, Beth loved it. Thanks!
Cheryl G.

Cincinnati, OH

Received the equestrian cover today. Looks great. Thanks Mike.


Boise, ID

Dear Mike,
The beautiful book cover has arrived, and its gorgeous!
i know that my brother Bill will love it and cherish it.
Thank you,
Isabel B.

Dorset, England

Hi Mike,
I received my cover and it’s beautiful! The craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible. Friday was my 60 day sobriety birthday and your handcrafted cover was a perfect gift to bless me with. The special engraved message on back cover and my name on the front, make it my own reward to me, for having the courage to change.
Thank you,
The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing!
Kat B.
Temecula, CA


I received my book cover yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this. I have already showed many people and everyone is blown away at the detail. You did a great job and I am so happy and greatfull.

I have shown a lot of people already and hopefully you will get some more orders out of this.

Thank you again…..

Jeff D.

Orange County, CA

You’re right – It was on the porch when I got home last night and it’s
Thank you so much,
In sobriety,
Teri Z.

Carson City, NV

Hi Mike,
The Big Book cover arrived today. It’s beautiful. I love it! Thank you so much!
Lynda R.



Oh no, Mike! I just ran across this e-mail and realized I didn’t even let you know we got it! Not only that, but it was an absolute hit! You have such great talent and it’s always great talking to you! Be well

Be True To Yourself,
Kris H.

Phoenix, AZ



I LOVE IT!!! It is so awesome. You did a fantastic job on the Egret!

thank you so much! I will definitely keep you in mind for future work as well.
Diane F-R.



Just a quick email to let you know that my cover arrived safe and sound.
I am delighted with it and look forward to using it in fellowship. Thanks
once again for making it for me.
God bless,
Willie Mc

Scotland, UK



Perfect!! Thank you very much, thinking about a wallet and other itemssoon for family. Again, thanks

Richard M.

Los Angeles, CA